P.E.G. Solar

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Company Detail

Joe and Rachel Ordia founded P.E.G. (Preparedness Experts Group) in 2012 with a mission to help families prepare to survive through increasingly precarious times. Since then, P.E.G. has conducted numerous educational seminars and workshops helping to equip families with a comprehensive household preparedness plan. Seminar topics have included: food preservation, water filtration, emergency communications, sanitation, and power solutions. A critical component of a successful household emergency plan is owning a secure power supply.
Joe and Rachel reside in Hanover County, Virginia with their four children and are very active in their community. After installing an off-grid solar power backup system for his family, Joe was called to provide this capability to other families seeking a greater level of energy security. Joe quit his day job as a hi-tech consultant, traded his Mercedes-Benz for a Ford F250 Super Duty, and set out on the task to deliver affordable solar power to the masses. In early 2014, Joe and Rachel launched the solar division, P.E.G. Alternative Energy. Our mission is to increase the energy independence of mankind by providing top-tier renewable energy designs and consulting services.