Pivot Energy

Clean Energy. Clear Choice

Company Detail

Pivot Energy is a Denver-based solar energy company that is focused on helping accelerate the rapid transition taking place in the energy industry to a more decentralized and cleaner approach to power generation. Pivot offers a distributed energy platform that includes a range of services and software aimed at serving the full commercial solar ecosystem, including retail customers, project developers, system operators, utilities, and financiers. The company develops, finances, builds, and manages community and commercial solar projects around the country. Pivot operates on a triple bottom line basis, measuring success by the positive impact to people, planet, and profit.

Pivot Energy is a Triple Bottom Line Company
A better approach to doing business – use metrics to measure progress on more than just a financial basis
Goal is to achieve balance between the three, sometimes opposing, ends of People, Planet, and Profit
3BL is a key component of our company culture; our employees have embraced it fully, and we believe it to be one of the secrets to our success.