Creating Positive Energy

Company Detail

The sun’s energy travels 91 million miles every day to power your home. Make it worth the trip.
For nearly a decade our team has made going solar easy for home and business owners all over the United States by offering simple, easy to understand payment options. Once you are in our hands we will take care of everything that is difficult about going solar so you don’t have to. We just want you to have the simple, enjoyable experience of going solar and making clean energy for the next 25 years and beyond.

Vinyasun was founded on a few simple principles. Everything is energy. Everyone has the right to generate their own clean energy on their rooftop or property. Make going solar a positive experience. Deliver energy at lower cost than the local utility. Don’t forget to breathe.

At Vinyasun we inherently believe that going solar is positive energy for your bank account, your children’s future, their children’s future and for the world. Plus we are doing it without burning fossil fuels like coal, oil or natural gas. We are just simply providing you the platform to let that energy flow to you.

That is what we call positive energy.