The Solar Ready Vets Network

is a Department of Energy funded initiative comprised of the Solar Ready Vets Corporate Fellowship Program and the Solar Opportunities and Readiness (SOAR) Initiative. The SRV network will connect transitioning military-service members and veterans of the US Armed Forces with career training and professional development opportunities in the solar industry. This program is designed to expand and strengthen a nationwide pipeline of military talent into a range of technical and leadership roles in the American solar workforce.

The Solar Foundation leads
The Solar Ready Vets Fellowship Program and SOAR Initiative.

Through original research, resources, and capacity building initiatives, The Solar Foundation provides industry leadership and technical assistance to strengthen solar markets, and support a skilled, diverse workforce as the solar industry continues to lead job growth in the American energy sector.



A two-track approach:

The Solar Ready Vets Fellowship program
connects service-members and veterans with training and career development opportunities. Through Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, service-members from select military bases will be placed into 12 week on-the-job training programs with solar employers to facilitate the transition to civilian careers in the solar industry.

The Solar Opportunity and Readiness (SOAR) Initiative: Through substantive industry-education partnerships and engaging public workforce development networks in high demand markets, the program connects veterans with solar credentialing and professional development opportunities.

The project team is pursuing efforts to:

  • Establish an industry-recognized apprenticeship program for greater standardization in solar work-based learning
  • Expand eligibility of GI Bill benefits for solar training programs and certification exam costs.
  • Define “fast-track” pathways to abbreviate NABCEP PV certification requirements based on military experience and qualifications.
  • A “match-making” system is under development to connect veterans nationwide to appropriate education, credentialing and employment opportunities.

Past programs

The Solar Training Network
produced original industry workforce development research and resources, facilitated nationwide solar career connections, and advanced solar career pathways within public workforce development networks. STN laid groundwork for a stronger, better qualified, and more diverse solar workforce.
Solar Ready Vets
The original SRV program was launched in 2016 to connect transitioning veterans to the growing solar energy industry. This pilot established partnerships between community colleges and ten military bases to provide transitioning military personnel with solar PV installation coursework and career pathways.

The Solar Ready Vets Network is funded by the US Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office as part of an effort to prepare the solar industry for a digital future and modern grid, while increasing participation of veterans and other underrepresented communities in the solar workforce.